Galleria Park Hotel

Moments in History


The discovery of silver in Nevada’s Comstock Lode revitalizes San Francisco’s economy through stock sales and speculation.


Construction begins on the Occidental Hotel. When completed, the four-story, Italianate hotel welcomes many notables, including Mark Twain, who describes it as “Heaven on a Half Shell” in his novel, “Roughing It”.


The Martinez is born at the Occidental Hotel. An itinerant miner asks bartender, Jerry Thomas, to create something special for him. The miner mentions he is on his way to Martinez, Calif. Thomas creates the “Martinez”, later known as the “Martini”. In 1863, Jerry the Bartender was making $100 per week, higher pay than the vice president of the United States at the time.


The Hotel Sutter is renamed the Galleria Park Hotel and plays host to many prominent politicians who attend the 1984 Democratic Convention in San Francisco


The Galleria Park Hotel commemorates its centennial in style! Five hundred guests walk through time at a spectacular party, which is themed to replicate various decades in hotel's storied history.